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Civil engineering companies are plentiful in the US, and if you need help finding a civil engineering firm in Texas, then I think you will find the article below has some useful suggestions. Civil engineering jobs can be hard to find, but luckliy in The US, there are a ton of civil engineering companies.

Civil Engineering Jobs in Texas – Could You Build Your Career Here?

By Rita Henry

There are undoubtedly certain industries that offer better job prospects than others. Those so-called “in demand” industries have shown great growth over the last few years and are projected to continue in the same vein for some time to come. One of the major ones is civil engineering. The number of jobs available within the United States is projected to rise by 18% over the next few years, and one of the states that has been advocated as a good place to start looking for a career is Texas.

Texas has really grown in recent years owing to a population explosion urban expansion. This has led to plenty of opportunities for civil engineers to shine there. Many large civil engineering companies are based in the cities of Austin, Houston and Dallas so the chance of employment is there, but what do you need to obtain one of the jobs available?

Education And Requirements

To be a civil engineer, the educational requirements are pretty strict. The majority of companies will ask for a Bachelor Degree in a related field at the very least, with leading companies asking for a Masters Degree for senior and specialist posts. Only around 12% of all employees in the civil engineering field have not graduated with at least a Bachelor Degree, and they often have some level of experience that puts them on the same level as college graduates. Many companies ask for at least five years in lieu of a degree.

If this is not daunting enough, it gets even worse when you realize that employers also stipulate the degree that you have to achieve to be eligible to apply for civil engineering jobs in Texas! The three most popular are civil engineering, transportation and highway engineering and water resources engineering. These are particularly apt given that you would be designing structures that people would use every day in one way or another.

The above degrees would ensure that you have the relevant procedural training, health and safety instruction and the necessary skills to be able to design and maintain any given structure that the company employing you would be working on at any given time. Many Texas civil engineering employers will have a diverse range of projects so you have to ready for anything and a degree can give you all the theory you need to know.

However, it might be wise to try to get an internship or a placement in a civil engineering company before applying for a permanent job. This will also give you a little experience to supplement your education with, and that will give you a head start over your competition.

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